Country benchmark

We have developed a unique country scoring system to cut down company expenses on order to find the most suitable and profitable export markets. So far, we have employed and combined 11 factors to do the country benchmarking. This overall and easy to interpret benchmarking provides a thorough market knowledge at a glance. It can also help to make "blue ocean" decisions.

By going through an overwhelming amount of information we are building up a clear picture of the channel structure by identifying and verifying companies. We aim to cover over 80% of the turnover in each channel by naming particular companies and their market shares.

Based on the long list we make an in-depth company evaluation - make up a detailed profile, retrieve financial & commercial data, find out contact persons, etc. We keep a track record of all this process.

Using the short list, we make first direct contacts with importers to ascertain their initial interest and the general conditions. We usually engage until first meetings and negotiations.

Market research can include the following:
Market assessment & characteristics
Competitors & local production
Import/export flows
Legislative framework

Customers usually appreciate our primary work; therefore, from time to time we are asked to do some other business consultations.
Establishing a company, preparing business plans, applying for finances - these are just a few of the services we provide to the benefit of our customers.