This is a short export readiness test made by us just to get the idea of how close you are to starting successful export activities. It will not take more than 10 minutes of your time.
And please be self-critical :)

From our point of view, finding an importer is not just getting some bunch of a range of companies willing to negotiate. We are confident that the selection of an importer must come from a complete list of major players within the desired import channel. This is not the easiest way but the only one to see whole picture. Hardest-to-reach companies might be the most valuable ones. We do it.

Have you ever thought about which country you should start exporting to? Or which country should be the next one? Whether you should go where others go or use some comprehensive evidence for the decision?
If you need analysis, should you buy an expensive market research? Not necessarily.

We have created a country benchmarking calculator that scores the countries against your location and product. It contains 11 factors that can be used to compare the countries against each other, such as the market size, price, growth, purchasing power, etc.

We are based in Latvia, one of the Baltic states. Traditionally, we know these markets perfectly; therefore, we are keen to assist the foreign businesses who wish to export or to otherwise expand their activities there.

We have been providing export consulting services since 2001, and over the years we have gained much experience. We have seen how markets and companies have changed during this time. And we surely are keen to change ourselves to be in pace with the new market trends.

I have seen many times how exporters pick up some random information and try to push their business that way.
Instead, I realise that my task is to always get the whole picture of the market and then suggest the most valuable ways.

Uldis Maniks, ExportCompass CEO

I really do like to face different business cultures and I am happy to help our customers to establish a fruitful cooperation.

Aija Bruvere, ExportCompass Associate

Without fancy stuff we got straightforward answers that we needed and that were hard to get otherwise. Great, indeed.

Gints Ozols, Rauko CEO

We are still using import contacts from ExportCompass despite we obtained them a time ago.

Janis Endele, Karavella Marketing Director

Excellent market intuition, flexible approach, reliable outcome.

Markus Pitkänen, InnoConnections CEO